Payroll outsourcing
Gainers Infotech will manage end to end payroll of your company which includes processing of employees’ salary, generating all statutory and compliances reports, and managing transfer of salary to bank accounts of employees. All you have to do is to send payroll inputs of new joiners and resigned people, along with details of variable payments. You can either send these payroll inputs in an excel sheet via email or upload the inputs directly in GIP payroll software from your customer self-service login. After receiving the payroll inputs, Gainers will calculate salary of your employees and send all payroll, statutory, and compliance reports along with bank transfer statements.

Payroll Statutory Compliance
We provide support for the following:

– Generating Statutory reports like PF, ESI, PT and LWF

– Remittance of taxes

– Preparing and submitting ESI wages and assisting on audits and inspections.

Recruitment process outsourcing
RPO – falls under the umbrella of Business Process Outsourcing. It is where an external provider takes responsibility for all or part of a company’s recruitment processes. The company’s staff, technology, methodologies and reporting are all aspects that can be provided by, or assumed by, the RPO provider. Recruitment Process Outsourcing is significantly different from the role of a traditional staffing company in that the RPO provider assumes ownership of the design and management of the recruitment process, and responsibility for results.

Companies look to RPO to source better employees, more quickly. Additionally, operational complexity, cost and risk are reduced. When done right, recruitment process outsourcing delivers organizations a strategic advantage through the quality of their people.

RPO solutions offered by Gainers Infotech